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that work.

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Book an easy 15-minute call before you work with me – we need to know if we’re a good fit for each other.

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This is a session about you. Make your designs amazing in 60 minutes. It’s a fabulous low-risk investment to get a designer’s perspective. Whatever you need, design-wise, we work on it together. No fluff, just practical and useful advice + tips. Tailored for you – your size, your solution.

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Small or big – I don’t discriminate based on project size. Commission me for a whole project or better, get me on retainer – prepare to get consistent quality and an epic collaborator. I will give you really good design and make the process simple for you.

Designer on a global clock.

I love designing what most designers find boring – reports, presentations, and infographics. 

Let’s not forget my usual favourites – brand identity, interactive PDFs, and brand guidelines (both following and creating them).

A design thinker – I lead teams and problem solve, creatively.

Industries I work with globally:
Banking and finance, healthcare, education, hospitality, manufacturing, and tech.

The ABCs –
• Agencies hire me or I’m their favourite creative partner.
• Business owners trust me to create the right visuals for their brand.
• Corporates get me on retainer to design their communications.

My clients like me because I think about their business as well as their audience, and I keep an eye on the future.

And they love me because –
1. I’m a straight shooter,
2. a true collaborator, and
3. make the whole design process easy.

How exactly do I make it easy?
With simple language, and a no-nonsense style. I avoid jargon in the same way that I avoid badly made coffee. I crave feedback, and communicate often. I’m transparent about my fees. I’m ridiculously reliable and all while I give you damn good designs.

And why do I do this?
Because I want to spoil you with amazing work and an easy process. So that you’ll always want to work with me or refer me to others.

If you want visuals that do justice to the awesomeness that is you, your brand, and what you’re trying to say – I would love to be your partner in design.

After which, you can also write a tremendous testimonial for me.

I’m a stationery hoarder, jigsaw puzzle addict, and an oxford comma lover. And yep, I’m also obsessively organised and adore alliteration.

My favourite clients are those who are open to ideas.

So, are we a match made in design heaven?
Let’s find out over a virtual chat.

On offer

• Graphic design of all sorts
• Any + all layouts
• Publication design
• Website design
• Identity + brand design
• Brand audits
+ more than I can list.

Ritika’s design leadership provided us with a simply beautiful and strategic industry playbook that can be built upon for years to come. As a true partner in the work, she presented design recommendations that considered both business and end user needs with an eye toward the future. I look forward to our continued collaboration!
– Catherine Day McGowin
On the Open Assembly playbook, US

When someone tells you, ‘right a bit. Left a bit. Down a bit. Bit bigger’, it gets a bit ugh. But not with Ritika. It only highlighted how brilliant she is as a designer. She sees things I’d never ever see.

Ritika understood my business and tone of voice, and my LinkedIn banner was in need of tarting up. Big time.

Ritika’s 60 minute ‘design dash’ has resulted in me having a LinkedIn banner to be proud of. I also commend her for her patience as I was a 1st time user of Canva. She kept it simple so I could follow perfectly what I needed to do.

Not only that, Ritika happily accommodated me with the time difference between the UK and Australia.
– Andy Goldman
The Copywriting Physio, UK

I recently worked with Ritika on a redesign of my website and the entire process could not have run more smoothly. Ritika was organised, delivered what she promised in the agreed time frame, and was very collaborative in her approach to completing the project.

I found Ritika to be knowledgeable, supportive and professional in her approach to how she got things done. I recommend her to anyone who values quality service and wants to work with someone who makes the subject matter and process easy to understand.
– Lorraine Sebastian
HR leader, Australia